Today works and thoughts

Today has been a good day, not only Berlin stop me from going out with this harsh thunderstorms and torentional rain…not like I was gona go out in it. But I have gained more of an idea, of where I might be heading with this hellface. 

Taking on board of what acticals i’ve read (Creative Review) of many graphic/type designers, the one that stood out for me was Bruno Maag. The more I was reading it then more sense he was making about Helvetica. It’s not like im gona take hes side, and I know some people can be assholes about stuff, any person would say that their stuff is better right. 

…but i kinda agree with him….

After playing around on my wacom today, useing different brush strokes/ different sizes. It have come to my attention that Im not a big fan of handwritting style, it is not what I want to achive in this game.

So what im gona do, from now on i feel like I dont want to use Helvetica anymore, because I might come across lazy desinger..playing it safe sorta person. IM NOT LIKE THAT.

I like helvetica, becuase its clear its an universal typface, everyone can read it. thats what I want to achive. 

So what if ‘improve’ Helvetica by adding my personalilty into it. 

for example I could take the outer hard edges of Helvetica but create softer slightly curvy inner outlines.This properly doesn’t make sense to you right now, but If I was good at explaining things in literacy, then I would of become a writer. but no Im a visual person…I’ll show you….